The Beachmere Project

water management, storage and delivery

The Beachmere Project is expected to achieve “net-zero water consumption” through the meticulous attention that has been given to water harvesting and conservation.  Queensland’s Permanent Water Conservation target for residential water use is 200 litres per person per day. The water use for a five person family at The Beachmere Property is expected to be 124 litres per person per day…significantly below the required target.

A number of  strategies have been developed at The Beachmere site to ensure net-zero water consumption -:

  • extensive water harvesting (underground water tanks, 23,000 ltr potable water tank, 2 x 14,000 ltr non-potable). Additionally a first flush system that prevents water loss in the event of more than one rain event within 24 hours.
  • careful selection and installation of water efficient fixing, fittings and appliances
  • Re-circulation of  hot water with minimal wastage due to instant hot water being delivered to every outlet.


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