The Beachmere Project

air quality

The quality of the indoor environment of a home can have a significant bearing on the health of the occupants of a home.

With this in mind, the product selection within the home has not been limited to considering only the materials used in the manufacture but also considers the adhesives and other chemical applications required in The Beachmere Project.

Products found to contain high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds ) are known to have possible harmful effects in humans. This includes such chemicals as formaldehyde, arsenic, lead etc. Whilst the construction industry has made significant progress in product development in recent years, careful analysis of the materials used in the manufacture of building products and their installation process, are important considerations in delivering good air quality within the home.

The Beachmere Project product selection and installation process was meticulously considered to maintain a high level air quality, expected to be free of toxins long after completion.

Product choices

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  • Caesar Stone – Natural stone benchtops VOC free
  • Laminex – AFS certified timber veneer finished joinery with use of non-toxic adhesives Produced from renewable forestry resources, this is considered to be a strong environmental choice.
  • Resene Paints – No VOCs, non-toxic with low odour and allergy sensitivity.
  • CSR Bradford insulation – Manufactured from glass wool 80% recycled glass, low in VOCs and embodied energy and generates great energy savings
  • Amafloor – Non-toxic, no VOCs garage floor sealantKS edit-3624 (1024x683)
  • HomeGuard – Toxic free, low allergen, pesticide free product
  • Edmonds Eco Fan –  Ceiling and Sub-floor fan extracting odour and moisture, reducing mould and mildew.
  • Odour Vac in bowl air extraction from the toilet bowl to immediately remove odour from the air before it travels through the home.
  • Vacu-Maid – Central, ducted, vacuum, efficiently removes dirt and dust keeping the floor free of allergens.
  • Godfrey Hurst – Pure wool, low allergenic long wearing floor coverings made from the ultimate renewable fibre. Biodegradable, stain resistant product.
  • KS edit-3576 (1024x683)Queensland Timber Floors - Spotted Gum and Black Butt timber flooring. Timber flooring is produced from FSC accredited mill, with chain of custody of timber and flooring adhesives applied contain no harmful chemicals, and are formaldehyde free.
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Caesar Stone benchtops
Laminex...sustainable timber veneer joinery
Kitchen finished with timber veneer joinery and touch sensitive, universal operating drawers
Resene VOC's
Vacu-Maid, ducted vacuum system
Queensland timber floors...using sustainable foresty and VOC free adhesives.
Spotted gum flooring...
Black Butt flooring
Edmonds Eco Fan ...sub-floor and ceiling cavity air extraction.
In-bowl, odour extraction fans
comfortable living without harmful toxins

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