The Beachmere Project

energy efficiency

Net zero energy performance

Energy efficient in design and operation, this home will deliver net zero energy operation with an energy rating rarely achieved in the residential market.

The Beachmere Project showcases some of the most technically advanced and innovative design ideas and products presently available. The automated integration and control of the operation of the home is geared to conserving energy and producing energy to deliver a high performing home that does not just compensate with increased power generation for poor performing appliance, fixtures and fittings.

Energy saving design

KNX home automation

The KNX  system efficiently integrates home management systems and controls the power use throughout the home. The eco-smart capabilities of this system can be activated by…KS edit-3410-3 (800x533)

  • the end-user
  • manually controlled
  • by temperature  response programming to excessive heat, cold or sunlight
  • response programming in the event of  light conditions …poor light or time of day / sunrise or sunset an event
  • Emergency event (fire, break-in, power failure, water event)
  • Occupancy – partial or no occupancy

All of these capabilities result in the minimisation of the reliance on the “human element” to be energy efficient and will deliver extensive power savings to the home owner into the future.

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Passive design


KS edit001- (1024x683)

Passive design features of the project minimises heating and cooling needs and reduces power consumption. The orientation and overall architectural design of the home (including roofing, placement and design of doors, windows, and louvers etc)  all have been carefully considered to advantage of  the cool sea breezes and abundant natural light. This passive controlling heat gain and loss significantly adds  to the energy efficiency of the home.

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Heating and cooling 


AWS WERS Energy rated window system with high performance glazing to manage solar heat loss and gain. Power conserving LED Lighting throughout the home which is low on energy demands and high on longevity. Solar Power generation with battery bank back-up for net-zero energy operation, of the project.

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Energy conserving appliances


KS edit-3039 (1024x683) Energy conserving appliances supplied by RT Edwards from Liebherr, AEG & Electrolux innovative design and eco-smart operation. Includes state-of the art fridge, and other cooking appliances (Pyroluxe and Steam Ovens), microwave , induction cooktop and rangehood. The home also includes a 5.5 star WELS rated Bosch washing machine and dryer.

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Reduction in the use of materials with high embodied energy




Use of lightweight and engineered construction materials in preference to materials high in embodied energy assisted positively in the reduction of high construction waste and the reliance on raw materials. The use of ARCREO recycled steel, HYNE lightweight engineered beams, timber supplies from renewable timber sources and chain of custody, LAMINEX timber veneers in the cabinetry are just some of the product selections that were a considered environmental choices to reduce our environmental impact during construction.

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Home features


IMG_0060 (2)hebel_logo_landscape_keyline_rev_CMYK 2012

  • HEBEL light-weight construction materials
  • Uniquely designed passive ventilation system moving air effortlessly between the two floor levels with the help of a floor void, concealed ducting and low energy ventilation fans eliminating the need for the usual high energy using ducted air-conditioning found in luxury homes.
  • EDMONDS eco van and sub-floor ventilation to support passive heating and cooling without energy burning air-conditioning.
  • High raked ceilings to capture breezes, smart orientation of the home to protect from harsh summer sun, and protected by oversized eaves.
  • AWS ELEVATE Windows and Doors with solar protection, Double glazed western windows
  • VEROSOL automated interior  blinds integrated with the KNX system manage the internal temperature stabilisation of the home.
  • BORAL recyclable, eco-sensitive   plasterboard
  •  CSR Bradford insulation in the floors, ceilings and walls.  CSR Bradford claims a 300sqm home can potentially save up to 80% of a homes energy bill.
  • A carefully considered policy to reduce, reuse and reassign demolition materials has effectively reduced the use of raw materials. The reuse of timbers, blockwork, recycling of metals etc has reduced the environmental footprint of the project during the construction process and will continue to do so into the future.


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KNX controlled energy savings
touch panel programing
shut-down of unoccupied spaces
heating and cooling of only occupied spaces
passive ventilation control between floor levels
floor vent allows natural flow of warm or cool air
operable internal wall to allow natural air-flow and light transfer
orientation to capture natural light, with LED energy saving lighting.
enviro-sealed louver system to control air-flow and direction.
expansive bi-fold doors to open the living areas to the outdoors
Eco-friendly Laminex veneer joinery
KNX control of lights, blinds, and fans to conserve power
energy conserving appliances...AEG, Liebherr, Bosch

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