The Beachmere Project

water efficiency

Net-zero water management

The Beachmere Project proudly boasts net zero water management capability, that is, it is expected to capture more water than it will use. The design of the home is expected to deliver the efficient capture of sufficient water to provide its independent operation without requiring town supplied water.

Water conservation and delivery is controlled by the state of the art KNX Home Automation system and is supported by an eco-friendly process of storage and delivery.

Water management features 


  • Water Tanks
    (Allcast Precast) - Installed underground water tanks, (23 000 ltres potable water & 28,000 ltres of further water capture), fitted with energy conserving, variable speed, underwater pumps. These are both energy efficient and quiet. Using only enough power to supply the water needed, the pump uses only the energy needed to deliver the water required.
  • Gutters and downpipes
    Oversized stainless steel gutters are installed to cope with 1 in 100 year rain event water. This maximises water capture and ensures no water is lost during a rain event.
  • First flush system
    IMG_0052State of the art “first flush” system is installed for the clean capture of rain water without unnecessary water loss. The first flush system can be user determined from 1 litre to 20 litres and operates only one first flush every 24 hours to avoid unnecessary loss of water.
  • Vinidex
    Eco-friendly PVC Vinidex is used throughout the home.

  • Retriculated hot water
    Powered by renewable solar energy, with an off-peak electric booster , this system delivers instant hot water to every outlet except one bathroom.  In this bathroom,  gas hot water is installed to take effect in the event of a power outage or no sun.
  • Lagged pipes
    Rehau - Lagged Rehau pipes to prevent effectively minimise heat loss. With up to 25% of energy usage in the home being attributed to heating of water…this will deliver significant energy savings within the home. The Ecolateral report confirms that this should reduce the energy required to deliver hot water to the home to as little as 7% of the total energy use.
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Water efficient toilets, shower-heads and tapware
  • KS edit-3452 (1024x683)Rainwater is used for the laundry, toilets, irrigation, fire protection.
  • High WELS rated tapware is installed throughout the home including a 6 star WELS rated urinal using as little as 0.8 ltre of water per flush.
  • ZIPTAP in the kitchen provides pure instant hot water and sparkling purified cold water.
  • Dual flush toilets can reduce water consumption from 9 ltres / flush to 4.5 litres. It is anticipated that the water collection system combined with water efficient tapeware from industry leaders such as Grohe, Methvyn, Dorf, Scala, Paris, Villeroy & Bosch and Caroma, will collectively deliver water savings of approximately 227,000 litres of mains water per annum.
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Water efficient  appliances.

KS edit-3045 (683x1024)

All appliances installed in The Beachmere Project have been selected for their energy efficient operation and water conserving capabilities. This includes Bosch 5 star water rated washing machine and 6 star energy rated heat pump tumble dryer, 5 star water rated AEG dishwater and ZIP TAP.
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KNX home automation

A state-of-the art KNX home automation system controls the efficient delivery of water to the home through the programmable operation of appliances and water management. Energy efficient variable speed pumps control the movement of water between tanks and can prevent the cross contamination of potable water via automated shutdown.
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water efficient tapware
Zip Tap..delivering boiling,chilled and sparking water energy efficiently
water saving toilets
Urinal using only 0.8 ltr per flush
Bosch water efficient front loading washing machine and dyer with condenser and heat pump technology
oversized, stainless steel downpipes and gutters
First flush system with 1-20 ltrs flush capacity to conserve water.
Vinidex PVC pipes
oversized gutters and downpipes
hail protection
underground water tanks with submersible, variable speed pump.
The outcome...Net-Zero water use.

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