The Beachmere Project

on-site process management


The on-site, daily management of The Beachmere Project included-:

  • Best practice for reuse, recycling, or reassignment of valuable building material.
  • Environmentally sensitive waste management, with significant reduction in materials sent to land fill.
  • Sediment control to protect the fragile surrounding environment.
  • Reassignment of usable materials through carefully considered hand demolition in consultation with clients.
  • Management of toxicity with controlled use of chemicals.
  • Water management including the on-site plumbing of a construction toilet rather than a hire facility using harmful chemicals.
  • Reduction of power usage and carbon emissions through implementation of considered operational procedures.
  • Use of locally available resources to reduce the need for transport and travel and deliver a reduction in carbon emissions
  • Management of bulk deliveries and back-loading to and from site.
  • Selective use of tools and heavy machinery.
  • Lightweight construction options considered to reduce the use of materials high in embodied energy and demanding heavy machinery thereby reducing green house gas emissions.
  • Movement of people and materials to and from site which include a car-pooling policy.
  • On-site accommodation where possible to minimise travel to site.

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