The Beachmere Project

original 1950′s home

This 1950′s waterfront home underwent a most dramatic transformation from a classic 1950′s beach shack, to a state-of-the-art eco-smart, sustainable luxury home.

The Beachmere Project now stands as a unique example of what is possible when luxury and sustainability are placed together in one project.

original 1950's beach shack

The original home was constructed out of basic materials such as timber joists and bearers, a mixture of clinker block masonry and weather board exterior walls, with a  zincalum roof. These materials were specifically replaced with lasting environmental friendly alternatives and the 1950′s beach shack was meticulously rebuilt and transformed into a 21st  Century, valued and home.

The minimization of materials sent to land fill, by effective and efficient extraction of materials re-assigned for other useful purposes was a significant priority for The Beachmere Project. Controlled hand demolition of the site took place to conserve, reuse and recycle materials that could be gainfully redirected for purposeful use. The environmental report conducted by Ecolateral, shows that a significant reduction in waste was achieved through clear and thoughtful process management.

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