The Beachmere Project

Bretts hardware / AWS windows and doors

“38 % of energy consumed in Australian Homes, is attributed solely to space heating and cooling.”

The Beachmere Project cleverly combines the natural elements afforded of this outstanding coastal location with smart design to manage heat gain and loss within the home.

Bretts / AWS EVantage

AWSKS edit-4105 (683x1024) (2)The exposed coastal location of Beachmere demands outstanding solar protection to ensure protection from the elements while being energy efficient and provides great livability in the home. The installation of AWS EVantage windows with thermal blue/green glazing provides lower UV transmittance and solar protection, offering subtle reflectivity, a stunning look and outstanding performance. Along with powder coated aluminium (VOC free, PVC free process) WERS rated / U-Value / SHGC ratings the windows significantly enhanced the passive heating/cooling qualities of the home. This contributes to significant energy savings for The Beachmere Project. Bretts Hardware together with AWS have been major contributors to this project and the resultant thermal performance of the home.

Bi-folds and Louver Design


KS edit-2882 (683x1024)AWS ElevateExtensive use of bi-fold doors, and enviro-sealed louvers to manage the air flow, direction and volume is a design feature that addresses the significant wind speed and volume of wind that can be experienced at Beachmere.  Careful window selection and design brings the outside in, allowing exceptional cross flow ventilation and eliminating the need for high energy burning air-conditioning systems.


Supplier Bretts/AWS Doors and Windows

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  • EVantage blue/green glazing...
    for superior thermal protection

Stunning window design with outstanding thermal performance...

High performing AWS EVantage glazing with low solar heat gain and high U-value have been installed to offer up to 32% better thermal efficiency than standard windows and easily outstrips basic code compliance expectation.

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