The Beachmere Project

KNX home automation

The KNX Home automation system installed in The Beachmere Project plays an instrumental role in managing the energy efficient operation of the home.

The ability of the KNX system  to automate functions, of a broad range of products serves to effectively manage power usage throughout the project. Controlled by touch, from an ipad, iphone either within the home or remotely, will conserve power and contribute to achieving “Net-Zero” energy performance of the home. It is expected that the advanced technology used within this project will contribute to achieving the highest energy rating given to a residential property.

abbABB Australia have been instrumental in the supply, programming and installation of the KNX system in this home.


The KNX Difference


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The KNX system can be programmed to control many aspects of the home…, blinds, ceiling fans, ventilation fans, exhaust fans, heated floor / towel rails, automated doors, kitchen and laundry appliances, security system, powered devices (music / computers / printers etc ), standby power.

The KNX system has the ability to be activated to control all of these systems in a variety of ways-:

  • manually by the end user
  • by set functioning
  • sensing ambient conditions and events (such as fire, break-in, or poor air quality).



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KNX and Power Consumption


18FEB14JH-1925 (800x533)The use of KNX in “The Beachmere Project” will result in-:

  • Excess power generation being returned to the power grid.
  • An ability to completely shut down the home completely when unoccupied.
  • Ability to shut down sections of the home that are not required or will not be in use.
  • Control selected devices to activate only when needed (lighting, fans, water supply, appliances & plug-in devices )
  • Manage use of solar and wind power in preference to use of the grid power
  • Installation of presence and motion sensors to control lighting to some areas of the home during periods of use or inactivity.
  • Control lighting assessed by the time of day, so that lights may only activate when required.
  • Control of climate is activated or de-activated in response to temperature indicators and sensors within the home all linked to Home Automation control.
  • Home will integrate the power generation of a 4.9kw solar power system and Wind Power Turbine (for essential services in event of power failure)


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  • automated gate at the control of your phone or Ipad.
  • The Power hub...central control
  • future proof wiring
  • touch pad control of lights, fans, blinds and more.
  • mood control of lighting with one touch.
  • activation of blinds at present times in the day
  • automated control of blinds
  • Presence sensors in the bathrooms to deactivate lights when not occupied
  • shut down of appliances when not in use.
  • Zoning off our "shut down" of power to unoccupied areas of the home
  • automated locking control of some doors.
  • Automated control of the Zip Tap

The KNX difference...

Managing your energy use effectively with KNX home automation can reduce your environmental footprint....and save you money now and into the future!

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