The Beachmere Project

“Net zero” water consumption

With global climate change and significant changes in rainfall patterns across the nation, we are now finding ourselves returning to the once common sight of a “water tank” on every residential property. Councils now demand more conservative use and thoughtful capture of natural water supplies, along with eco-sensitive management of waste water to preserve our natural environment for future generations.

Water tanks


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Whilst the use of “grey water”  is not permitted at this environmentally sensitive ocean front precinct, The Beachmere Project has incorporated a number of strategic design features to optimise the use and capture of water supplies. An expansive roof system, with oversized down-pipes, gutters, storm protection and state-of-the-art “First Flush” process, ensures the safe capture and management of any expected rain fall. Water tanks located under the garage and driveway have a combined storage capacity of just over 50, 000 litres ( 23,000 of which is potable or drinkable water). The 28,000 litres of non-potable water is harvested for use in toilets, the laundry, garden and out-door shower. The environmental report conducted on the property by Ecolateral, estimates that water storage on the property has the capacity to provide water for 100% of occupant needs. This will result in an estimated savings of 227, 395 litres of mains water.

Water efficient appliances, taps, showers and toilets


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Water usage is also carefully managed through the installation of highly water efficient appliances, taps, shower outlets and toilets, including the installation of an extremely water efficient urinal. Eco-friendly PVC piping has been used along with lagging of hot water delivery to reduce heat loss. The retriclated water supply to hot water outlets alos ensures instant hot water to every outlet with little or no loss of water while you wait for hot water to be circulated to the outlet. These combined features, far exceeds  any council requirements to collect and conserve water usage.


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