The Beachmere Project

durable, lightweight construction

The Beachmere Project will continue to exert little impact on its environmental surrounds into the future thanks to the use of sustainable materials, fixtures and fittings of the highest quality, practicality and durability. Features  such as the the following-:

  • Customised copper paneled garage door and gated entry
  • Marine grade, stainless steel,  gutters and down-pipes
  • Light weight engineered timbers produced from sustainable forestry (Hyne engineered, timber and beams)
  • Hebel, aerated concrete cladding reducing the need for high embodied energy steel beams.
  • KoolWall light-weight thermally performing cladding
  • Other lightweight construction materials (such as pine-timber piles),
  • Durable,  aluminium windows and door systems. (AWS Elevate Windows and Doors)

All these products reduce the need for heavy machinery and ultimately reduce carbon emissions and the impact of this home on the surrounding environment.

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