The Beachmere Project

sustainable livability

KS edit-2650 (683x1024)A complete, holistic approach ensured all aspects of  ”The Beachmere Project”, from site selection, design development, construction and ongoing maintenance were considered and carefully controlled throughout the projects development delivers unmatched sustainable luxury without sacrifice.

The attention to detail in the construction of The Beachmere Project has ensured the  home  embraces the inherent values of excellence, sustainability and total livability, without compromising on quality. Net-zero energy performance, water management, and overall environmental impact of the property has undergone strict scrutiny. An independent environmental report verifies the outstanding environmental performance and sustainable operation of this home. The ideals achieved here can also be within your reach with the right guidance. This universal design that delivers a quality, toxin free environment and enviable living will redefine the expectation in residential living…one which embraces a cost effective, environmentally sustainable outcome.

The Beachmere Property is a proud example of the combined efforts of like-minded, leaders in the construction industry, who have embraced the expectations of their clients, to deliver a better way for the future. Before you start on your path to creating a better lifestyle for your family…talk with Sovereign Homes!

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Sovereign Homes...setting a new benchmark for sustainable, luxury design

Rarely before have sustainability and luxury been placed together so successfully..."The Beachmere Project" proves it can be done with outstanding results.

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