The Beachmere Project

Hanson cement and ARC foundations

Hanson cement

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Product choice is at times determined by the structural demands of the design of a project.  The Sovereign Homes team has worked closely with Hanson to deliver a cement mix that not only meets the structural demands of the property, but is sympathetic to our environmental goals. Hanson has, in recent years conducted significant research and development  to deliver a product that is more environmentally sensitive in it’s production and delivery process. The Beachmere Project minimized waste and conscious process management regarding the foundation cement pour, contributed to greatly to decreasing the impact on the environment during the construction process.

This  included but is not restricted to the following-:

  • Form work to decrease the concrete required
  • Relocating earth works for reuse on the site at a later point
  • Reuse and management of waste materials into site fill
  • Use of excess concrete in formed structures on the site for useful purpose (eg. seating around the fire pit)….read more.

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ARC Steel Reinforcing


arcreoARC (Australian Reinforcing Company) is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel reinforcing and fencing products.  A very high proportion of the steel used in manufacturing ARC reinforcing products is recycled scrap steel …read more.

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Environmentally sustainable foundations

Our environmental footprint.

Up to 40 per cent of all waste that goes into landfill is building waste....we can change this! Australian industry currently recycles approx. 90% of its steel / equivalent to 2.5 tonnes of steel a year.

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